Important patient information


Dear patient

We are happy to greet you in our clinic! First of all, we ask you to get acquainted to rules of conduct. In case of any question, please contact our reception desk. We wish you pleasant and successful treatment.

Rules for booking an appointment

You can book an appointment on spot or on the telephone. Duration of a consultation is usually 20 min. Duration of a planned appointment is determined by a doctor depending on the procedure planned.

2 – 5 days prior to the appointment you will be contacted by our receptionist in order to get your conformation or to make changes to the appointment time. 1 day prior to the appointment you will receive an SMS reminder. You can cancel the appointment at any time excluding the day of the appointment. If you cancel your appointment the same day or skip your appointment you will receive a bill for missed appointment.

Rules of appointment

We ask you to come to the clinic 10 min before your booked time. If a patient is significantly late on his/her time a doctor might not a accept him/her on that day. We also kindly ask you to tolerate a delay on our side. Unavoidable complications are possible during treatment and a doctor is forced to provide emergency care. We try to notify you about any delay as soon as possible.

Fees and payment

Full list of dental procedures and costs is available on-site. You can check short version here on our website. Precise treatment cost can be calculated after assessment and treatment planning. Payment is performed immediately after an appointment by cash or bank card. In case of arrears the planned treatment will be halted. 

Planned treatment and emergency treatment

The waiting line for planned treatment is usually 4 weeks. There is also a possibility to book an appointment for planned treatment past queque   (usually the same day or the day after initial referral). In that case the cost of treatment will be increased by 30%. Emergency treatment is performed on the same day of referral. Emergency treatment is available only to our regular patients.